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Lightboxes-Advertising that literally reaches out to more customers

Advertising is a key component to any successful marketing campaign, retailers are always looking for an innovative way to attract the attention of customer and it requires more than just talent-it requires the right tools. E-Handsome's brand new LED light box enables companies to achieve truly outstanding displays by catching the eye of customers at viewing distances of 30 metres and more.

The technology used is a unique form of 3D imaging, where objects appear to physically float in front of the screen to the extent that viewers believe they can actually grab the displayed objects, all of which can be viewed without glasses

The presentation options of objects, liquids, landscapes, lettering and lighting effects are all possible, meaning there are few restrictions when creating the 3D model for your campaign. Clients can submit their own 3D imagery or utilise the skills of our experienced partner agency to ensure swift and smooth production. With this service, design solutions are available for anyone looking to produce awe inspiring displays from existing 2D campaign images, logos and photographs which may also be suitable for construction.

3D LED light boxes can be viewed 40 degree from the centre point without losing sharpness, while the ideal viewing distance is about three metres. In addition, the 3D image looks equally realistic from greater distances and so it is recommended by E-Handsome to use the unit for out of home advertising.

With the addition of various mounting options for this unit, including direct installation of the 3D lens plate into walls, freestanding light boxes or any objects with appropriate backlighting, it can be used in airports, exhibitions, POS, reception areas, business centers, hotels, shop design, flagship stores, museums and exhibitions, public art and public space.

Completely new possibilities of presentation arise through 3D technology , E-handsome advertising is able to help its clients deliver the most eye-catching displays which are guaranteed to mesmerize customers

And now you understand why advertising that literally reaches out to more customers,for more information and videos of the LED light box visit E-handsome advertising's website.

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