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How signs and graphics improve a customer's shopping experience

No matter how good the product or service, brands will go unnoticed without the correct signage, therefore, it is vital to let the public know where their business is and what they offer. This is especially true for brands that choose to trade within large department stores such as John Lewis, for whom E-Handsome advertising has recently supplied with a number of light box for illuminated graphics and signs in Oxford Street and New York.

Signage is not only important in identifying a brand for existing customers, but is also used to attract new customers. With the correct combination of signage and graphics, brands are able to market their products toward shoppers of competing brands and convert them into customers of their own, which is essential in a department store that houses numerous high end retailers all selling a similar product.

As well as aiding in brand identification, sign and graphics are also used to help customers navigate their way through each department and ultimately to the point of sale. If signage is confusing or unclear, the customer will have a poor experience and will likely become frustrated and not return; illuminated graphics and signs are bold, eye catching and the perfect navigation tool.

There are a variety of ways to display poster and logo light boxes, a preferred method chosen by John Lewis when redesigning their Premium Beauty department.

A well recognised manufacturer of display light boxes and other high quality promotional and advertising products managed a new light box campaign for MINI. The light box, fixed with backlit PVC banner print, was installed in the Derby BMW Mini showroom.

Incorporating signage into a trellis framework allows shoppers to see through to other departments while being able to easily distinguish individual brands-by adopting this method John Lewis has been able to improve their customers' overall journey and experience in their stores.

And now you should understand the reason that how signs and graphics improve a customer's shopping experience from above, so please go to our website to order more led light box products.

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